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This is the only article in English on the whole website. Just to clarify and answer to any questions at once.

nick-wildI am the author of the site, Nick (Nikolay) Litvinov. I dance blues since 2009 and teach blues dance since 2012.

This site is definitely about blues dancing. It was created to help growing up Russian-speaking blues dance community. So it's not only for citizens of Russia but for all the people around Russia who speak Russian (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc). We collect information about blues dancing in different cities, about teachers (including teachers from abroad), etc. Also there are articles about blues music and blues dance history. Perhaps it would be interesting for you to read them, but they are not very unique because they are based mostly on English sources - books and teachers.

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Actually you can read the web-site in English through Google Translate if you want. But I am not responsible for the accuracy. Say "I agree that you are not responsible" and press here to begin reading.

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